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Vision and values

For a world in balance, with renewables

At Hafslund, we work “for a world in balance, with renewables”. This is our vision – and it is shared by the entire Group. We want a world that is better than the one we have today and ‘balance’ is an important keyword. The balance in the energy system needs to be restored, and it is more important than ever that this takes place in a sustainable manner. The balance between energy supply and demand, daily balancing of the power system, and the balance between the development of new renewable energy and the conservation of nature are examples of balancing actions that are important to Hafslund. At Hafslund, we want to make a contribution towards a better and more balanced world.

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Our values

Hafslund’s values state that we shall be open, responsible and innovative. These values describe who we are and what we want to be. The Group’s culture is based on these values and they guide how we act. The values must be something we recognise in ourselves, while also representing something to strive for.

Open means that we welcome changes and that we know we do not already have all the answers. We appreciate different points of view, differences and diversity, and we seek collaboration across specialist fields and companies in order to find answers.

Responsible means that we take our social mission seriously and that we do what we can to ensure that we fulfil the responsibility that we have been assigned. We care and make the effort that is required to perform our tasks as best as possible.

Innovative means that we want to solve challenges and contribute to value creation. We want to do better than we did yesterday, and we move towards the future with an eager desire to learn.

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